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    PhD training courses

    PhD training courses

    PhD training courses

    The PhD training courses bring young scientists in close contact with the latest scientific developments in the cardiovascular field. The courses will be held from October 8 to October 12, 2018. The courses are organised by the Dutch cardiovascular research institutes under the auspices and with organisational/financial support of the Dutch Heart Foundation.

    Who can participate

    The PhD training courses are taught simultaneously. Basic knowledge is required to participate successfully in these courses. Although aiming primarily at PhD students from the participating institutes, the courses are also open for PhD students from other Dutch institutes. The number of participants is limited due to the formula of the courses.

    For questions about the content of the learning objectives or the entry levels, please contact a member of the Programme Committee.

    Topics of PhD courses 2018

    Atherosclerosis & Thrombosis

    The Atherosclerosis & Thrombosis course addresses the interactions between metabolic problems (dyslipidemias, diabetes, inflammation, et cetera) resulting in atherosclerosis and blood coagulation,  triggering cardiovascular events. The course contains a sound introduction into the (patho)physiology of the blood coagulation system and its significance in health and disease. Hot topic lectures will complement the course.

    “The lectures contained new insights from mechanistical perspective or presented new, and challenging ideas in the field of atherosclerosis and thrombosis”

    Cardiac Function & Adaptation

    The course on Cardiac Function & Adaptation aims at understanding the normal (physiologic) functioning of the heart and the adaptations or mal-adaptations to the pathologic changes during heart disease. Each day of the course has a specific theme that covers these aspects, as well as the applicable research tools. Additionally, attention is paid to the patient’s aspect in heart failure. 

    “My overall opinion: it was a very well organized nice and informative course.”

    Vascular Biology

    The Vascular Biology course provides an introduction into the structure and the function of the vascular system, with emphasis on vascular development, vasoregulation, vascular function and activation in health and disease. Normal vascular function may be compromised by mechanical or biochemical influences such as occur during hypertension and diabetes. This will be addressed during the course. Moreover, remodelling of the vascular wall and the vascular tree (angiogenesis, arteriogenesis) will be discussed in relation to vascular diseases.

    “General overview of vascular biology, social activities and lots of opportunities to network.”

    Register now

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    For questions or informational requests, contact us through email:


    Are you interested in our 2018 training courses? Read the experiences of PhD students Bram, Marian and Jens who participated in 2017 (in Dutch only).

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    Ervaringen PhD training courses

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